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Top 9 Carry-On Bags For All Budgets

One of the most essential yet underrated aspects of travel would have to be: luggage. It plays one of the most important roles in the way your trip is executed, though most people don’t put much thought into their choice of luggage. There are all types of luggage out there that cater to different travel needs. Just to name a few, here’s a list of the most efficient and effective pieces of luggage for all tastes, occasions, and budgets.   Price Point: Low (≤$150) 1.Paravel Fold-Up Bag- $65.00 First on the list is the Paravel Fold-Up Bag. Aside from being chic and extremely affordable, this bag is also a convenient piece of luggage for travellers of all distances. This bag...

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Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations for 2019

Family vacations are an excellent form of bonding that brings everyone together to relax, explore different cultures, and enjoy each other’s company. However, as families grow and expand their individual interests, it may become increasingly difficult to plan a family trip that will be enjoyable for everyone. If you’re struggling to find a destination that will work for your family, here’s a list of ideal locations based on price, activities, and overall quality of experience.     1.) Orlando, Fl Orlando is an obvious family get away spot that truly never gets old. Orlando offers a variety of tourist attractions such as Fun Spot, which is full of arcade games, kiddy rides, bumper cars and much more. Ripley's Believe it...

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10 Essential to pack for a Cruise

Cruises are one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to experience multiple countries on a budgeted amount of time. They are as ideal for week long family excursions, as they are for romantic weekend getaways! If you’re thinking of heading out to sea, make sure you pack these essentials! 1. Passport/Birth Certificate Passports are possibly the most essential item for any trip. They are necessary to have in order to enter at the ports of the countries you are set to visit. Alternatively, if you are taking a cruise that stops within the United States, a birth certificate might suffice. 2. A wide variety of Clothes Cruises can place you in a variety of different settings, and you will need...

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The Accessory We all Need

Originally invented in 15th century France, lanyards were typically used for military purposes. The word “lanyard” comes from the French word “lanière,” which was used to signify a strap or thong. Lanyards were used by the French military to attach pistols and/or whistles to a soldier’s uniform, making them easier to carry. Lanyards have come a long way from their original use.  Today they can be used in a wide variety of settings including schools, work places, and leisure activities.  The convenience of a modern-day lanyard is applicable across industries, securing personal items and keeping them close when we’re on the go.  Lanyards now have an essential place in our everyday lives at work or play.  Vacationers must keep their...

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