Top 9 Carry-On Bags For All Budgets

One of the most essential yet underrated aspects of travel would have to be: luggage. It plays one of the most important roles in the way your trip is executed, though most people don’t put much thought into their choice of luggage. There are all types of luggage out there that cater to different travel needs. Just to name a few, here’s a list of the most efficient and effective pieces of luggage for all tastes, occasions, and budgets.


Price Point: Low (≤$150)

1.Paravel Fold-Up Bag- $65.00

First on the list is the Paravel Fold-Up Bag. Aside from being chic and extremely affordable, this bag is also a convenient piece of luggage for travellers of all distances. This bag can be collapsed into a small pouch, making for easy storage if you choose to unpack your belongings at your destination. Lightweight and easily attachable to any suitcase, the Paravel Fold-Up Bag is ideal for those who prefer more concise luggage options.


2.Merax Flieks Aluminum Frame Suitcase- $79.99

For those who prefer luggage with a sturdier finish, Merax Flieks Aluminum Frame Suitcase is definitely the way to go. Its thermoplastic exterior, aluminum-magnesium frame, and aluminum locks make this suitcase resistant to weather conditions that might wear down soft-sided luggage. This aluminum suitcase gives luxury-quality durability at a modest price.

3.Calpak Ambeur Rolling Spinner- $135.00

Yet another hard-finish suitcase, the Calpak Ambeur Rolling Spinner is both practical and attractive. Its rose gold finish offers a level of style to go along with its sleek design. Despite its hard finish, it manages to remain lightweight, and its multidirectional spinning wheels make it easy to navigate with.  

Price Point: Moderate (≤$450)


4.Douchebags Aviator 40L- $299.00

Though most people don’t associate luggage with style, the Douchebags Aviator 40L might make them reconsider. This sleek, contemporary bag is fit for a high-end traveller. Its vacuum coated interior, convenient storage compartment, durable rubber wheels and height adjustable aluminum handle are just some of the specs that will make this bag your new go-to for brief and long trips alike.

5.Crash Baggage- $340.00

This is the one bag you will never have to worry about damaging. That’s because it comes “pre-damaged,” designed with dents and dips all around its hard polycarbonate exterior. Its matte finish and visually appealing design are available in various colors, and are complemented by its multidirectional spinning wheels and combination lock. Made entirely out of 100% sustainable materials, this bag is also environmentally friendly.



6.Arlo Skye Polycarbonate Carry-On- $450.00

This durable carry on bag is a no brainer for any traveller who values both practicality and style. The Arlo Skye Polycarbonate Carry-On is a nearly indestructible carry on bag that comes equipped with various innovative features, including a zipper-less close, removable charger, microbial interior, and silent multidirectional-sliding wheels. Its rose gold finish is coupled with aluminum detailing, making for a truly remarkable piece of baggage.

Price Point: Luxury ($500≤)



7.Bellagio Carry-On Spinner Trunk- $595.00

Italian manufacturers, BRIC, created this classy and durable vintage-style carry-on bag. The Bellagio Carry-On Spinner Trunk, made of lightweight polycarbonate and trimmed with Tuscan leather, is created precise through fine Italian craftsmanship. Visually, it is the epitome of luxury travel. Double-decker interior storage, built in locks, and 360-degree four-wheel spin make it as functional as it is fashionable.




8. RIMOWA Essential Cabin Packing Case- $700.00

Known for its durable hard-case baggage, RIMOWA’s Essential Cabin Packing Case lives up to the brand’s expectations. Its high-tech polycarbonate shell give it a durable exterior that is still lightweight and easy to carry, while its Flex Divider system keep your belongings organized through even the most turbulent of travels.


9.Tumi Latitude International Carry-On- $750.00

If durability is your primary concern when it comes to luggage, look no further than the Tumi Latitude International Carry-On. The Latitude is Tumi’s most lightweight carry-on, and the most durable on the market by far. Its exterior is crafted with layer after layer of Tumi’s self- reinforced polypropylene, specially woven to create a resistant outer shell. Its unique wheel technology, integrated TSA lock, and ability to bend and flex in response to its surroundings make this the mother of all carry-on bags.




























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