About Us

Hele, is a Hawaiian word meaning, “go, move, travel”.  Surging in popularity since the 1960s, Hawaii became known for its charm and hospitality.  Now an epitome of sorts, of vacation travel and cruises, it was befitting that we would look to the language to define our name.

Hele Designs is an Apparel and Accessories brand for the travel adventure lifestyle, geared toward making group travel more memorable.  


As we journey through life, we all share common milestones.  Graduations, Birthdays, Wedding Parties, and Family Reunions, are all great reasons we celebrate.  When consumers set out to reward family and friends with leisure travel, they quickly discover that Adventure and Travel planning can be stressful.  Our goal is to provide the essential products that will make group expeditions more organized and memorable.

A growing selection of products are ready to be customized with ease for your travel events.   Contemporary designs and quality products are curated to commemorate your special moments.  So, go, move, travel, and take us with you!  We promise to make the journey more enjoyable! 


While our customers venture to see the globe, we’ve made the commitment to be more environmentally conscious.   Joining the global initiative to maintain the beauty of our planet, we’ve invested in sourcing sustainable raw materials and goods for our product lines.