The Accessory We all Need

Originally invented in 15th century France, lanyards were typically used for military purposes. The word “lanyard” comes from the French word “lanière,” which was used to signify a strap or thong. Lanyards were used by the French military to attach pistols and/or whistles to a soldier’s uniform, making them easier to carry.

Lanyards have come a long way from their original use.  Today they can be used in a wide variety of settings including schools, work places, and leisure activities.  The convenience of a modern-day lanyard is applicable across industries, securing personal items and keeping them close when we’re on the go.  Lanyards now have an essential place in our everyday lives at work or play.  Vacationers must keep their room key cards and some form of identification nearby, it’s a recommended item for your travel checklist.

While most lanyards you come across are routinely made of polyester, and designed for corporate promos, Hele Designs has created an eco-conscious collection for the leisure travel lifestyle.  Our environmentally friendly lanyards are made from PET, and 100% recyclable materials.  These everyday accessories are given new relevance as we join the sustainable movement to rid our environment and oceans of plastic waste. PET fabric is mainly composed of recycled plastic bottles.  This fabric is safe and durable yet soft with an attractive luster on the surface which gives it a high-quality finish. 

In addition, all lanyards can be “Personalized” for your themed event.  Playful designs are geared to commemorate excursions and can serve as party favors.  Hele takes lanyards far beyond the norm.  Go with us! We let you “Customize goods for Life’s Journey”.  Go-Move-Travel. Hele!!!

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