10 Essential to pack for a Cruise

Cruises are one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to experience multiple countries on a budgeted amount of time. They are as ideal for week long family excursions, as they are for romantic weekend getaways! If you’re thinking of heading out to sea, make sure you pack these essentials!

1. Passport/Birth Certificate

Passports are possibly the most essential item for any trip. They are necessary to have in order to enter at the ports of the countries you are set to visit. Alternatively, if you are taking a cruise that stops within the United States, a birth certificate might suffice.

2. A wide variety of Clothes

Cruises can place you in a variety of different settings, and you will need to pack clothes for every event that presents itself. You will need everything from comfy tees for relaxing days out at sea, to sweaters or long sleeves for cool nights, to evening attire for formal dinners.  And you cannot forget your swimsuit!

If you're travelling with a group, it's a nice idea to coordinate "Trip Day" as you plan to converge at the port to leave, with matching T-Shirts. Customize them for your special event or celebrations.  See our ideas in the store.


3. Shoes

Likewise, maneuvering the terrain of different locations will require you to have a decent variety of shoes.  These shoes are versatile as they can be worn as casual footwear for site-seeing, poolside, and on the beach. You will need comfortable walking shoes for when you’re out exploring ports, flip-flops for beach/pool days, and shoes to go along with your formal evening wear!

4.  Carry-on!


While it is important to pack a sufficient amount of attire for the trip, it is equally essential to pack a smaller bag full of items you will need immediate access to. Once aboard a cruise, your luggage will be delivered directly to your room, with some expected delays. To make sure your vacation gets started as soon as you board, make sure you have a change of clothes, a swimsuit, a phone charger, and similar items handy in a carry on!

5. Day Trip Bag with Scan Safe RFID Blocker

It is also important to have a smaller bag for your exploration throughout the ports. Ideally, you’d want to find a bag with enough compartments to hold your essential items that is also light enough that it won’t get in the way of your fun.  A great feature to look for is a bag with RFID shielding technology.   This is perfect for warding off electronic pickpockets.  Explore at leisure knowing your personal data will remain secure.


6. Portable Charger


In the age where smart phones are the new cameras, it is so important that your phone’s battery can last through your full day of excursions. Portable chargers are a hassle free way to make sure no fun goes un-captured! 

 7.  Sun Protection

Though getting a tan is on many people’s vacation agendas, it is important to protect yourself against the sun, which can be harsher on the open ocean than what most people are used to. Sunglasses, sun hats, sunscreen or aloe vera should be at the top of your packing checklist!

8. Lanyards

Room keys and identification are essential things to carry with you both on and off the ship. Lanyards make carrying these items much easier!


9. Waterproof Floating Phone Cases

Cruises involve being around a lot of water, naturally. Protecting our phones should definitely be a top priority. Our phones are not only our primary modes of communication, they are also our cameras, our watches, and our GPS devices! So make sure to pack a waterproof phone case.


10. Refillable Water Bottle

Though it is easy to get carried away in the many activities of the day, you can’t forget the importance of staying hydrated while walking in the sun! Walking in the heat can often take a larger toll on the body than we initially feel. You can fill your portable water bottle on the cruise ship to ensure that you’re in the best possible state to have the best possible time!

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